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Hi.  I’m Judy and I’m a fiction writer, a teacher of many assorted genres of creative writing, and an addicted quilter.  Here’s a quick bio:  Born in Aberdeen, Scotland.  Lived there only a month, alas, not enough to get a Scottish accent.  Grew up in Toronto, went to Oakwood Collegiate Institute.  Studied psychology at McGill University, and then Queen’s.  I worked in that field for a few years, but thankfully discovered that I belong in the arts.  I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which has been immortalized by many leading literary lights, including Mark Twain.  In his book A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, the hero needs to say something that sounds like a magic spell, so he can impress the court when he apparently brings about an eclipse of the sun.  His spell included the lines, “Walla Walla, Washington / Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.”  Top that, Tronna!  I was married for thirty years, but we have split up.  I have two amazing kids, Jesse and Melissa, and you will no doubt hear about them in various places on the site.

  This site will provide a variety of delights.  I’ll show you my books, and talk about what it’s like to write.  I’ll be here for other writers, and hope to have many discussions about how and why we write, among other even more fascinating topics.  I’ll show you my quilts, too, and talk about the different techniques I learn and the wonders of playing with colour and texture.

  I’m most excited about introducing the Studio on 9th.  This is to be a community space.  It’s recently been redone, and it looks fabulous.  I’ll post a picture soon.

  The Studio will be be offering quilt classes with a variety of teachers in November, and the class list and other info is available on the site.  My writing classes will move there from the university in the new year, enabling me to offer a lower tuition and more flexibility in what I can offer.  There will also be sewing days, for anyone who wants to come, and special project days, where we’ll all work together on the same basic idea, and see how many fantastic similarities and differences we can come up with. I’m working out how I can best put together a mentoring situation with newer writers, and maybe a regular writing group.  Both the quilting and the writing communities have given so much to me, and I see this as an opportunity to give something back.  I’m looking forward to seeing some of you there, and to hearing from all of you through this site.

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